How to Use

Potholes Repair

It is so simple anyone can do it

Step 1. Clean the hole of loose debris.
Step 1

Step 2. Pour out the contents of the bag or bucket.
Step 2

Step 3. Compact with tamper, shovel or even a car tyre.
Step 3

Step 4. Accept traffic immediately.
Step 4

Clean out the pothole or area to be repaired. Remove all loose debris and clean and square the edges if possible. For larger potholes, or utility cuts, should be filled in no more than 50mm lifts, compaction of each 50mm lift of Go Green® is highly recommended. Compact the material before adding additional material, re-apply in 50mm increments until the repair area is at the required level. In some soil conditions, it is necessary to place sufficient material to form a 10mm crown to allow for latent compaction by traffic.

Brush out debris Fill in hole with Go Green Cold Asphalt Patch

Tamp down ready for immediate trafficking

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