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Product Description

Go Green® asphalt cold patch is a superior, permanent road repairing material, uses a high performance polymer formulated to enhance the good workability during handling and to improve the adhesion, water resistance properties during its service life.

Go Green® is used in places like potholes, utility cuts, overlays and manhole covers. It’s permanent and it’s guaranteed. Go Green® can be applied in all weather conditions, does not require the application of a tack coat and is a one application product.

Go Green® can be opened to traffic immediately after compaction.


“Go Green offers a fast and permanent solution for all your pothole repair needs!”

  • Works in all weather conditions: wet, cold or hot.
  • Pothole repair can be driven on immediately.
  • No mixing, mechanical compaction or tacking.
  • Approved, used and tested by utilities and governments.
  • Cost effective with no messy clean-up or time constraints.
  • Permanently adheres to asphalt, concrete or steel.
  • Perfect for bridge, drain, utility cuts and cutter work.
  • Proven non-hazardous.
  • All season, use in summer or winter.

GoGreen Cold Asphalt

Environmental Benefits of Manufacture

Go Green® is manufactured and tested under stringent quality controlled conditions at ISO 9000 accredited asphalt mixing plants. This product also has very low Volatile Organic Compound ( VOC) emissions and is a result of GoGreen’s continuous focus to develop eco-friendly pavement repair products.

  • Energy Conservation in Manufacturing- Approximately a 70% decrease in fossil
  • fuel consumption due to lower manufacturing temperatures
  • Contains NO Petroleum Derivative Cutbacks- A 100% decrease over conventional Cold Mix Asphalt which
  • contains dangerous amounts of the carcinogens benzene, kerosene, diesel, toluene or naphthalene.
  • Biodegradable Solvents- Our solvents are derived from natural, biodegradable products that come from a
  • sustainable source.
  • Recyclability- Go Green® Asphalt cold patch can be easily recycled.


Go Green® Asphalt Cold Patch is available in 5mm, 10mm and also 14mm aggregate sizes.


Go Green® Asphalt Cold Patch is available in:

  • 20kg plastic bags (50 bags in a pallet).
  • 20kg plastic buckets (48 buckets in a pallet).
  • Ton bags (1 ton bag in a pallet).


Shelf life unopened: 2 year. Reseal container when not in use.

Job Quanity

60 kg of Go Green® will cover up to a hole of 1m2 by 25mm deep; Go Green® has a density of 2.4 tonnes per cubic meter. The recommended layer thickness for placing Go Green® is 50mm. If thicker layers need to be placed, these should be placed and compacted layer by layer.

Safety and Handling

Always wear gloves when handling and avoid contact with eyes. Wash skin thoroughly with water after handling. In case of eye contact, wash with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.

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